Wedding Photographer

"Fearless, Fun, Imaginative and Always Cool"

Zoe Emilie Photography

I'm Zoe, Newcastle + Northumberland based wedding photographer and there’s nothing more amazing to me than capturing two people in love. I adore documenting the real connections and raw moments as they unfold and I'm heavily inspired by cinema & beautiful light. I love evoking mood & creating a visual narrative throughout my work and work in a mostly documentary style keeping a nice relaxed vibe to the day.

I feel incredibly lucky to have worked at some of the north east's most exclusive wedding venues. Here's just a small selection of some of my favourites: Le Petit Château & Woodhill Hall in Otterburn. The Sage and the Baltic in Gateshead. Brinkburn Priory, Hulne Abbey, Alnwick Gardens, Newton Hall and Healey Barn in Northumberland and Wylam Brewery in Newcastle.

I'd love to hear where you've decided to set the date, so please do get in touch and tell me all about your exciting plans.


"I found Zoe whilst browsing online for a Newcastle wedding photographer and came across her portfolio. I was immediately captivated by the ‘stories’ she’s created through photography. We soon met and became instant friends. I admire her for her genuine talent and professionalism but she is also a clear romantic who truly enjoys capturing the special moments that make up a celebratory day to be remembered. Our wedding day was the best day of our lives and Zoe lived every moment with us. She is an absolute delight in not just capturing joy but In creating it. My family certainly had some laughs watching her tip toe across a frosty outdoor table to get the perfect shot.
Thanks again Zoe!

Rachael & Temur

"Zoe is such a lovely friendly person and she knows how to make you relax and enjoy having your photos taken (something I really find hard to do!) She's not afraid to go on a little adventure to shoot a magical moment that is completely unique and special to you. A lot of thought goes into what she does and is able to capture those "off guard" interactions to emanate the emotions and a story, not just a pose"

Katy & James